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Get Directions or view Insight Diagnostic Imaging locations in a larger map.

The following is a list of services offered at each Insight clinic:


B=Bone Mineral Density


Central Toronto Diagnostic Imaging: XUMB

Coxwell Ultrasound: U

Malvern Ultrasound: U

Mississauga Diagnostic Imaging & Breast Centre: XUMB

Victoria Terrace X-Ray & Ultrasound: XUB

(Don Mills) Insight Diagnostic Imaging: XU

Spadina Bloor Ultrasound: U

Our Locations

Insight Diagnostic Imaging has six convenient locations to serve you across Toronto and Mississauga. Click on one of the map locations for more details and to search for directions. See below to view the services offered at each location and our hours of operation.

Central Toronto Diagnostic Imaging
(Pape and Danforth)

658 Danforth Avenue, Main Floor, Toronto, M4J 5B9
T 416-465-5735
F 416-465-1402

Monday - Friday 8-4

Saturday 9-3

Coxwell Ultrasound
(Coxwell and Danforth)

1577 Danforth Avenue, Unit 7, Toronto
T 416-465-4679
F 416-465-2150

Monday - Friday 8-4

Saturday - closed

Malvern Ultrasound

1333 Neilson Road, Suite 230, Scarborough
T 416-282-1147
F 416-282-2746

Monday - Friday 8-4

Saturday - closed

Mississauga Diagnostic Imaging and Breast Centre (East of Cawthra)

801 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, L4Y 4E9
T 905-897-9711
F 905-897-9844

Monday 8-6

Tuesday - Friday 8-4

Saturday 9-3

Victoria Terrace X-Ray & Ultrasound
(West side of Victoria Terrace Mall)

1448 Lawrence Avenue East, Suite 209
T 416-750-4555
F 416-750-4568

Monday - Friday 9-5

Saturday 9-3

(Don Mills) Insight Diagnostic Imaging
(formerly Wynford Ultrasound) (Don Mills & Wynford)

18 Wynford Drive, Suite 507, Toronto
T 416-449-8289
F 416-449-9643

Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30

Saturday - closed


Spadina-Bloor Ultrasound
720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto
T 416-519-9699
F 416-519-6899